Optimum Mühendislik is an organization specialized in mould and machine production. Optimum Mühendislik mainly produces cabinet  thermoforming, door thermoforming, door and cabinet foaming moulds for the refrigerator sector. In addition, it produces cabinet plastic trim moulds and custom machines and production lines.

It is our first priority to meet the requests of our customers, the manufacturers and our parties, in accordance with their understanding of quality and visions, in the desired quality, on time and by providing satisfaction.

All our employees are responsible for quality. We believe that a quality product will be realized with qualified employees. For this, it is aimed to increase educational activities.

Continuous improvement of our quality level ensures that customer satisfaction can be maintained and increased.

In order to improve our competitive advantage and increase our profitability, we aim to reduce inefficiency costs (unnecessary transportation, unnecessary stock, loss of labor, machine time and material loss, etc.) and to use our resources effectively and efficiently. For this, we will constantly follow the technological innovations in our sector and we will strive to continuously improve our processes.